Washington accuses Moscow of testing an anti-satellite weapon

The United States on Thursday accused Russia of testing a weapon that could be used to destroy satellites in space, worrying about a real, serious and growing threat , accusations Moscow refuted.

The US Space Command has evidence that Moscow conducted a non-destructive test of an anti-satellite weapon from space on July 15, he said in a statement.

Last week’s test is yet another example that threats to space facilities by the United States and its allies are real, serious and growing.

the US Space Command

This is unacceptable, tweeted US disarmament negotiator Marshall Billingslea, adding that it was a serious issue that would be discussed next week in Vienna during talks to replace the bilateral New Start treaty on the limitation of number of nuclear

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday dismissed the accusations.

Russia has always been and remains a country loyal to the goal of complete demilitarization of space and the non-deployment of any weapon in space , Peskov told reporters.

According to Gen. Jay Raymond, who heads the US Space Force, the system the US said the Russians used for last week’s test is the same one that Space Command expressed concern over. early this year, when Russia maneuvered near a US government satellite.

This is further evidence of Russia’s continued efforts to develop and test systems from space, in keeping with Kremlin military doctrine to use weapons that hold U.S. facilities and of their allies under threat , said the general, quoted in the press release.

The event highlights Russia’s hypocritical plea for gun control in space , added Christopher Ford, a senior State Department official in charge of gun control.

According to Russian news agencies, citing the Defense Ministry, Russia indeed carried out a space test on July 15, but it concerned a satellite-inspector able to make diagnoses of the state of other satellites, in particular at a very short distance.

The satellite therefore inspected a Russian aircraft in orbit, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported last week.


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