Strong accident at Plaza Outlet in Guadalajara, leaves two dead and several people injured

During the morning of this Sunday, an accident was registered on the Guadalajara – Morelia highway, near the Plazas Outlet, according to information from Civil Protection, 2 people are reportedly dead, including one less, as well as several injured people.

Guadalajara Jalisco. – In the morning of this Sunday, a strong accident was registered on the Guadalajara-Morelia highway, near the Outlet Plazas, the crash allegedly left a balance of two deceased people among which a child under 9 years of age is reported, as well as 8 injured, indicating two serious minors and five adults with minor injuries.

The accident was recorded around 6:10 in the morning on the Guadalajara-Morelia highway and with meaning went to the state of Michoacán where the accident was reported, calling the rescue elements to come to provide support.

The culprit was a Mazda vehicle in black color, which crossed the lane causing the mishap, when it hit a white Toyota Hilux truck, with sheds, due to the impact, two people lost their lives, as well as several injured.

According to the information shared by the Jalisco State Civil Protection and Firefighters Unit , the accident occurred during the morning of this Sunday, in the extension of López Mateos Avenue, at the height of what is known as Outlet Plazas, where two cars collided head-on causing the death of one adult and one less, and several people injured, including minors.

According to information from the Tlajomulco police, the spectacular accident left the balance of an adult who lost his life, as well as a minor who was in serious condition who also died at the Cruz Verde aid station as a result of the accident. and a total of 8 injured people, including two minors with serious injuries and five adults with minor injuries, as well as one without damage.

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Paramedics of Municipal Medical Services of Tlajomulco carried out the transfer to Cruz Verde head of seven people in serious condition, two in mild condition and one in regular condition, as well, at the site maneuvers were carried out to free the 34-year-old man who was pressed, however, when it was released the death was corroborated .

“Due to an accident on López Mateos, near Monteverde, in the direction of Tlajomulco, the passage in the area is closed. Police station personnel are supporting the flow of vehicles. Extreme precautions”, shared the Government of Tlajomulco on social networks.

So far no further information has been provided on the medical situation in which the other injured are found, Civil Protection elements carry out maneuvers to leave the communication path free for safe transit.

Zapotlán del Rey accident

A few days ago on the Highway to Mexico in the municipality of Zapotlán del Rey, an accident was registered, a trailer overturned on the road at the height of the aforementioned entity, reprotandosé pressed so that the Civil Protection elements agreed to carry out the maneuvers to remove it.

In one of the videos that the agency shared, it can be seen how the rescue bodies perform tasks to get the driver out of the trailer who was stuck inside the driving cabin where he was going and after the rollover he was trapped in the space, it can be seen that the elements of  Civil Protection and Paramedics  put a collar on him and together they managed to put the man on a stretcher to transfer him to provide medical care.

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The rollover was recorded on the highway heading to Mexico at kilometer 444 in Zapotlán del Rey, in the same way the Civil Protection elements reported that in the fact it was reported that the driver was pressed for what they carried out the work to free him.