Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez challenges Donald Trump again

Once again, the ‘Canelo’ spoke of the way of being of the US president with the Mexicans

El “Canelo” Álvarez remains firm and reiterates his comments against Donald Trump, president of the United States, who has spoken ill of Mexicans on different occasions.

It was in 2015 when Saúl Álvarez, prior to his fight against Miguel Ángel Cotto, attacked Trump, pointing out that “We Latinos come to work to get ahead, I am one of them, it is the only thing we come to do, that man offends nothing more to Latin people. “

And this 2020 the boxer returned to the attack. Once again the ‘Canelo’ spoke of the way of being of the American president with the Mexicans.

” It has not changed and I repeat it. They are not words to speak to us. As I told you, here people come to work. Latinos come to work, now the” American dream “as they say. I do not regret it because I said what I had what to say, “Alvarez said in an interview for CNN that will be published on October 20.

But these have not been the only times that Saúl disagrees on the issue, because prior to Trump’s visit to Mexico in 2016, “Canelo” criticized then-President Peña Nieto for having invited the American to the capital of the Republic Mexican.