Police killing of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta ruled a homicide

Determines that Rayshard Brooks' cause of death was due to two gunshot wounds to the back that "injured the organs and caused significant blood loss"

A Fulton County coroner ruled that the death of 27-year-old unarmed African-American Rayshard Brooks, shot to death by police on June 12, when he resisted during his arrest, was a homicide

Rayshard Brooks / Screenshot. 
Atlanta Police Department / AP

The autopsy was carried out last Sunday, and revealed that the cause of death was two gunshot wounds to the back, which ” injured the organs  and caused  significant blood loss .” Meanwhile, District Attorney Paul Howard said his office expects to announce a decision on possible charges those responsible for the deadly shooting in the middle of this week,  collect local media.

Officer Garrett Rolfe, left, was fired early Sunday and Officer Devin Brosnan was put on administrative leave. (Atlanta Police Department)

The events took place in the vicinity of a restaurant of the Wendy’s fast-food chain in the city of Atlanta (Georgia) when agents arrived at the establishment on reports that a young man, allegedly drunk, was sleeping inside. of a vehicle.

From the Police, they assure that, after giving positive to the breathalyzer test, they tried to arrest him, but he did not collaborate and took a laser gun from them. Brooks then ran away, but the police chased him and, after shooting him several times, managed to shoot him down. The young man was transferred to a hospital, where he died soon after.

The incident was captured on video and quickly spread on the networks. Brooks’ death sparked even more nationwide protests about police treatment of African-Americans. In addition, the protesters looted and then burned the aforementioned restaurant.


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