Forest fire in Greece: flames reach the ruins of Mycenae

The archaeological site of Mycenae in southern Greece is of invaluable historical value. Today, a forest fire threatens the ancient city. The fire approaches the remains dangerously.

Due to a forest fire in southern Greece, visitors to the archaeological site of Mycenae have been brought to safety. As reported by local media, the fire broke out around noon near Atreus’ treasure. The flames reached the ruins of Mycenae, but according to firefighters there was no danger to the museum. As the firefighters announced, the site had to be closed.

Four planes and two helicopters were involved in the fight against the blazes, as Southern Peloponnese fire chief Thanassis Koliviras told Greek news agency ANA. In Greece, temperatures above 40 degrees are expected in the next two days.

The Athens Ministry of Culture said an initial inspection had shown that “the fire had caused no damage to the ancient world”. A team of experts will later examine the consequences of the fire in more detail.

Each year Greece grapples with forest and bush fires during its dry summers. Thirteen years ago, a fire threatened the temples and the ancient stadium of Olympia. The firefighters were able to prevent serious damage to the archaeological site during this time.


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