A former Tim Hortons in Cheticamp transformed into apartments

A years-abandoned Tim Hortons restaurant in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia is being transformed into an apartment building,Tim Hortons in Cheticamp

A years-abandoned Tim Hortons restaurant in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia is being transformed into an apartment building.

The derelict property was spoiling the landscape, according to several residents, including Inverness County Deputy Warden Alfred Poirier. The latter is also the municipal councilor who represents the district.

Alfred Poirier interviewed outside in front of a building

Cheticamp lacks housing to meet demand, says Inverness County Deputy Warden Alfred Poirier.


The new building will meet a need in Cheticamp, explains Mr. Poirier.

Before, there were too many houses and not enough residents. Now we don’t have enough housing when people want to live and work here , he said.

The lack of housing pushed a nurse who worked in Cheticamp to settle elsewhere, underlines the sub-prefect.

Gerard Lefort, of Hammonds Plains Lifestyle, bought the property and set out to transform it. The workers removed everything from the previous building except the basic structure and added a floor to it.

The building will accommodate four seniors. The first tenants are expected to move there in October.

Gérard Lefort interviewé devant l'édifice en construction

Entrepreneur Gerard Lefort converts the old restaurant into an apartment building.


This does not entirely solve the problem of the housing shortage, however, says Lefort.

No, this is only the beginning. Someone had to start and we decided to do it , says Gerard Lefort.

With information from Matthew Moore , CBC


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