The Initiative continues to fish Naughty Dog for its mysterious Xbox Series X and S video game

We may still know little or nothing about the ambitious video game they are working on from The Initiative, but what is in the public domain are its promising signings, with quite a few Naughty Dog veterans in their ranks, something that in fact continues to go on. increased with the recruitment of Lee Davis, an animator with more than years of work on sagas such as Uncharted and The Last of Us, and Lauren Garcia, former technical director of character shading.

Now, according to his LinkedIn profiles, Lee Davis joins the Santa Monica group of Xbox Game Studios in the role of director of the gameplay animation. Lauren García, for her part, will take on the responsibilities of shading techniques.

They are not the only Naughty Dog signings for The Initiative, which also has ex-developers from Crystal Dynamics, Rockstar, Bend, Respawn, Riot Games, or Insomniac. If you want to know more about all the professionals who have found their new home in Microsoft’s Santa Monica studio, we recommend you read this lengthy article written by fellow writer Toni Piedrabuena a few months ago: The Initiative, who’s in the Dream Xbox Series X Team?

The Initiative is one of the many development teams at Xbox Game Studios, which a few weeks ago put a big boost in with the multi-million dollar acquisition of Bethesda by the parents of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.