Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is now available for Raspberry Pi, specifically for Raspberry Pi 233+ and models. In addition, they have also announced on their blog that this edition will have the Official Ubuntu Certificate.

You can download the image for the installation of the operating system from the official Ubuntu website and then copy it using Etcher. But you can also do it with the official Raspberry Pi tool: Raspberry Pi Imager.

You must bear in mind that Ubuntu is only a Server version and that if you want you can add the standard desktops. But its performance does not end up being optimal, if you want an Ubuntu with a built-in desktop, the correct version will be Ubuntu Mate that is not yet available.

What does it mean that the Raspberry Pi is Ubuntu certified?

That the Raspberry Pi are now certified means that all Ubuntu images have been tested before being released and also that before releasing an update they are tested in Canonical’s lab before updating. And above all, if a critical vulnerability ( CVE – Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is discovered , Canonical promises to patch it in one day.

This guarantees that using Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi will be as safe as on any other type of server.

You have a more detailed explanation on the official Ubuntu blog: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is certified for the Raspberry Pi

How to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on Raspberry Pi?

As I have already mentioned, you can install Ubuntu on the microSD in two ways:

  1. Download the image from the Ubuntu website and using the Etcher program on your PC “flash” the image on the microSD.
  2. Install Raspberry Pi Imager in your PC and from there directly when choosing to install Ubuntu the program will download the image of the operating system.

Either option is good, especially now that the Ubuntu page has been made more graphic and clear than before. I put a screenshot for you to see what I mean.

In my opinion, I think Etcher is faster copying, but today I think that the convenience of using Raspberry Pi Imager and that the image is downloaded in its latest version I understand that it is the best option for most users.

What is the Ubuntu username and password for Raspberry Pi?

This always forgets to look at it but it is important. The default username and password of Ubuntu, we are the user login and password:

  • user login: ubuntu
  • password: ubuntu

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