TSMC wafer prices leaked: One wafer @ 5nm costs $ 16,988

TSMC, the largest foundry in the world, has seen how the price it charges for its wafers has been filtered, which they use to give life to millions of silicones from a manufacturing process that starts at 90nm to reach 5nm, which is its most advanced manufacturing process to date. The filtered prices belong to last April, so we do not know if these prices tend to vary in short periods of time, but if they do, they will be very similar to those that can be handled today.

As we can see, from 90nm to 12nm, there are no big differences in price, and that is that a 90nm wafer costs $ 1,650, while a 16nm or 12nm costs $ 3,984.

When we enter 10nm we already begin to see big jumps in the price, and that is that a wafer of this type has a cost of 5,992 dollarsMaking the jump to 7nm means doubling spending to $ 9,346. But if we want the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, the best a company can claim, this price almost doubles to $ 16,988 for access to 5nm. Or put another way, the 5nm process is practically three times more expensive than the 10nm process. Obviously, a very interesting detail would be to know how many functional silicons are capable of being extracted from these wafers.

via: @chiakokhua