TSMC achieves a breakthrough in its 2nm MBCFET process

According to sources from the Taiwan Economic Daily, GizChina has reported that TSMC has made a “breakthrough” in creating the company’s next 2nm lithography process. 

TSMC is optimistic about the start of production of the process at 2 nm from the second half of 2023, creating the first node that is not FinFET of the company. Unlike 5nm and 3nm, TSMC’s 2nm process will use a similar design to MBCFET (Multiple Bridge Channel).

These transistor designs provide four-sided coverage of the transistor channel, reducing power losses and increasing the potential performance of the transistor. 

MBCFET transistors are based on GAAFET designs, preventing current leakage to reduce energy loss and increase energy efficiency. 2nm mass production could start in 2024, TSMC notes.