This is what the diagram of the Intel DG2 GPU looks like with 3072 cores and 6GB of GDDR6 memory

We continue to know more information about Intel’s dedicated gaming GPUs that we will see next year, specifically now we see the diagram of the most basic GPU of all, an Intel DG2 GPU with 384 Execution Units that translates into 3072 cores, finding above two other models with 4096 and 7680 cores. From this model we know that the die has a size around 189mm2 and for now it seems to be an MXM design, that is, a dedicated graphics card for laptops that shows the use of 6 GB of GDDR6 memory together with a memory interface. of 192 bits.

Additionally, it has also been known that the variant with 512 Execution Units, that is, with 4096 cores, will use 8 GB of GDDR6 memory along with a 256-bit memory interface, thus being able to see how GDDR6X memory is exclusive to Nvidia. These graphics, according to the leak, would first reach the company’s next-generation gaming laptops powered by Intel Tiger Lake-H processors, which are high-performance CPUs that will offer a configuration of up to 8 cores.

Finally, these GPUs would also have a USB Type-C connector like AMD thinking about Virtual Link technology for VR glasses, leaving Nvidia as the only one not to integrate this connection in its new generation GPUs.


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