These little robots can paint any picture, and that’s how they work

Researchers have managed to manufacture a series of collaborative robots that are not only capable of completing a canvas using a multitude of colors but also interpenetrating with each other to create unique mixtures of secondary colors.

Collaborating robots, mostly very small in size, have become popular in recent years and although most have been focused on rescue tasks, the ones we offer you now are above all creative.

Now a team from the Georgia Institute of Technology has been able to create an experimental system made up of tiny robots that can end up painting any canvas and under a series of patterns and colors previously dictated by the artist.

The artist can transmit the data to a group of small robots that carry a kind of wheels, and each of which is aware of its location on the canvas but also knows the situation of the rest of the robots so that they never collide each. The robots can communicate wirelessly with each other, and the device sending the order can determine which robots should paint which areas to do the job efficiently.

Today’s robots have a painting process that is simulated by projecting a color trail behind each robot. In any case, the researchers plan to equip the robots with cartridges of primary colors that can be mixed as needed , while creating spectacular color combinations.

One of the peculiarities of these collaborative robots is that if one cannot generate a color by himself, he can communicate with any other partner to mix the colors.

” The team of multiple robots can be considered as an active brush for the human artist to paint, and the individual robots move on the canvas according to the color specifications provided by the artist, ” they point out in the presentation of the invention.