The new Nintendo Switch would take advantage of Nvidia DLSS 2.0 technology

If yesterday we were talking that Sony had patented a technology similar to Nvidia’s DLSS for its PlayStation 5, today we know that Nintendo would also use a rescaling technology in its future Switch, although unlike Sony, if Nintendo trusts again in an Nvidia SoC to bring the console to life, since it will be able to use the same technology that PC users already enjoy with a GeForce RTX, which gives you more guarantees of confidence when having hardware and software at a very mature stage The implementation of the technology falls on the developers of the game.

The information that the future Nintendo Switch uses DLSS 2.0 is very reliable, and that Nvidia has published a job offer looking for a senior integrated software engineer for Tegra’s solutions engineering team to work on ” next-generation graphics ” and next-gen AI for gaming consoles and AI edge devices. ” This new engineer will work on ” solutions to use artificial intelligence in graphics technologies such as Nvidia DLSS 2.0 “, and taking into account that neither the PlayStation 5 nor the Xbox Series X use Nvidia hardware since the only console that can receive Such treatment is the Nintendo Switch.

This technology would be a great addition for the console due to its power and consumption limitations conditioned by the size and autonomy of the console, but when it is connected to the dock, the increase in power together with DLSS 2.0 would be a remarkably attractive solution to offer better performance and visual quality when you want to enjoy the console connected to the TV.

At the beginning of the year, Digital Foundry already speculated that the Nintendo Switch could use DLSS, something that would be the most coherent thing in the world, the strange thing would be that Nintendo did not take advantage of all that Nvidia is capable of bringing to its console.


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