The AMD Ryzen 4000 will finally arrive under the name Ryzen 5000

It seems that the rumors have finally been fulfilled, and this implies that the AMD Ryzen 4000 processors, which will be launched at the earliest next October, employing the Zen3 microarchitecture with an improved 7nm manufacturing process, will finally arrive as the AMD Ryzen 5000. , and the reason is quite simple, to avoid confusion with the recently launched APUs for desktops and laptops, where they all use the Zen2 @ 7nm microarchitecture but are from the Ryzen 4000 series, and now launch a Ryzen, 4000 processors, with another microarchitecture and process manufacturing would create unnecessary confusion for the consumer.

According to the latest investor meeting, the 4th Gen AMD Ryzen processors will actually be the AMD Ryzen 5000, so when the AMD Ryzen 5000 APUs for desktops and laptops arrive, all the company’s products will employ the same architecture and processes. manufacturing. Once all the ranges have been unified, all future products of the company will belong to the Ryzen 6000 series.

In the case of AMD EPYC processors, everything would remain unchanged since a generation of Zen + @ 12nm CPUs never arrived , so Zen3 (MILAN) is the third generation and Genova (Zen4 5nm) will be the fourth generation. Now it remains to be seen if the Ryzen Threadripper will be 4000 or 5000 to be in line with the rest of CPUs for the consumer market, since using 5000 in the Ryzen and 4000 in the Threadripper would give the wrong image  that they are lower than CPUs. be ” older ” based on their numbering.

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