Samsung presents a new 108 Mpx sensor and another 48 Mpx

Last year Samsung introduced the first sensor for mobile cameras with 0.7 micron pixels. Now it presents a new family with this same pixel size with ISOCELL Plus technology. Later it will introduce the next generation ISOCELL 2.0.

Compared to 0.8 micron sensors, 0.7 micron sensors are 15% smaller and the camera modules using them can be 10% thinner, resulting in cameras that stick out less. The ISOCELL HM2 is the third 108 MPx sensor. As the HM1 uses 9 pixel pixel-binning technology and can work with zoom up to 3x without quality loss.

It can record at 4K and 120fps and has Super-PD autofocus technology. The HM2, however, is smaller, measuring 1 / 1.52 ” vs. 1 / 1.33 ”.

The ISOCELL GW3 is roughly the same size as the 48MP 0.8 micron sensor, but is 64MP. The size is 1 / 1.97 ” and it uses four pixel pixel binning and Smart ISO technology. It can capture 4K video at 60 fps and supports electronic stabilization.

The ISOCELL GM5 is intended for periscope and ultra wide angle type cameras. It has 48 Mpx resolution and can record 1080p at 480 fps and 4K at 120 fps. As a periscope camera it can record 4K at 60fps.

The ISOCELL JD1 is the smallest 32MP sensor on the market and is intended for under-screen cameras and pop-up selfies. It is the size of a 16MP one-micron sensor. The GM5 and JD1 are staggered HDR-compatible sensors that send three exposures to the Tetracell-powered image processor by combining four pixels.


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