Maxon launches a new version of Cinebench with support for Apple M1

Shortly after the official reveal of the M1, Apple’s first processor, Maxon announced an update to its Cinebench benchmark that makes the benchmark optimized for the new product. Cinebench R23 brings many new features, but the main thing is the support for computers like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro using the new M1 processor, with ARM cores.

The update brings a list of changes, below are some highlights, in free translation:

– Cinebench R23 now supports Apple M1 computer systems
– Cinebench is now based on the latest Version 23 code using updated compilers and has minimal runtime enabled by default (previously hidden in preferences)
– Cinebench R23 offers improved benchmark accuracy for this and next-gen CPUs, to test whether the machine runs stably under high CPU load, whether a desktop or laptop cooling solution is sufficient for longer tasks, to deliver everything the potential of a CPU, and whether a machine is capable of handling heavy 3D tasks in real time
– Users now have the option to test single core performance directly, without having to manually enable the advanced option.

Cinebench is a free benchmark and can be downloaded directly from its official website. At HD Tecnologia we use this benchmark in several of our test batteries for processors.

The systems currently supported by Maxon Cinebench R23 are:

– Windows 10
– Intel or AMD 64-bit processor with SS3 support
– 4GB of RAM

– macOS 10.13.6 or higher
– Intel 64-bit processor or Apple M1
– 4 GB RAM