Lisa Su: “AMD’s x86 architecture can compete with Apple’s move to ARM”

Following AMD’s financial results, the company’s earnings call has yielded many additional headlines, and one of them has to do with Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, who still relies on x86 architecture at a time when a large Industry player Apple has opted to develop its own processors based on the ARM architecture promising to revolutionize the industry with great performance improvements in the low-power segment.

During the earnings call, Lisa Su responded to analyst concerns on this matter, saying that there will always be people developing their own chips, like Apple for the Mac space, and other companies for the data center space, ” and I think that it’s less of an ARM vs. x86 war and more about the performance or other capabilities your ecosystem can provide. “

“AMD can provide the processor performance, power consumption, price / performance ratio and capabilities are very competitive and are the best on the market.”

According to the latest rumors, the first MacBook with an Apple Silicon processor will start at $ 799, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro will start at $ 1,099. For reference, at the time of writing, the company’s cheapest MacBook starts at $ 999, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro does it at $ 1,299, so replacing Intel’s processors with ARM wouldn’t just It was a better decision in terms of power/consumption, but also involves launching the equipment at much cheaper prices.


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