LG Display increases the production of OLED panels to meet the demand for gaming products

LG Display has announced that it has increased the demand for the production of OLED panels to give life to a new generation of gaming devices ranging from gaming smartphones, which already offer panels with refresh rates of 144 Hz, to meet future demand. of gaming televisions with high refresh rates and resolution with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X users in mind, which is why the increase in production ranges from small smartphone panels to 88-inch televisions.

At present, LG Display is producing 70,000 OLED panels to the month of 8.5ª Generation at its factory in Paju, Korea, while its new factory in Guangzhou, China, producing 130,000 panels. This factory will now begin producing 160,000 OLED panels per month to meet market demand.

Although they look like few OLED panels, each panel is actually 2.5 x 2.2 meters in size, which produces an 88-inch OLED TV, or slightly more than 500 OLED panels for mobile devices depending on the size. One of these televisions will be the already announced LG CX 48, with a 48-inch 4K @ 120 Hz OLED panel and a response time of 1 millisecond compatible with Nvidia G-Sync Compatible technology, AMD FreeSync and all the HDR standards on the market.


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