Intel Rocket Lake-S “would destroy” the AMD Ryzen 5000: Great performance and low price

Nothing better than to close the day talking about Intel Rocket Lake-S processors, which are blatantly increasing the ‘hype’. Almost a week ago, it was indicated that these processors will be much faster than Comet Lake-S in games; and just three days ago it was indicated that they could reach 5.50 GHz. Now, the hype continues to rise after the leak of a new source that continues to collect information, increasing expectations around the new Intel processors.

As indicated, the Intel Rocket Lake-S will be able to move between 5.40 and 5.50 GHz, nothing new but it follows the trend of the rest of the leaked information. It is also indicated that prices will be lower, recalling the leak that indicated that the 8-core Core i7 can be purchased for less than $ 400.

Finally, it is indicated that the Rocket Lake-S will destroy the processors with AMD Zen3 microarchitecture (Ryzen 5000 Series), being predictably the greatest, and only damage, in the gaming segment, while also indicating that AMD would have cheated or improved the numbers around the IPC improvement of its new processors.

We will only know the latter when they reach the market and we see the reviews (or first leaks), remembering that each new generation of AMD CPUs arrives very green and requiring numerous firmware improvements to end up offering a great difference in performance, hence the existence of the calculator for the memories or the ClockTuner to have fine-tuned the processor.

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For now, the first leaked benchmarks of the AMD Ryzen 5000 point to important improvements in all segments, mainly in games, and the Intel Core i9-10900K continues to give a lot of war, so it is logical to expect that an Intel Core i9- 11900K, only with the IPC improvement, beat the AMD Ryzen 5000 in games. Of course, in tasks that require a large number of cores, Intel has nothing to do.