Intel Graphics drivers for various bugs in games.

Intel has definitely improved its driver update frequency a lot, although we are still a bit confused when it comes to seeing their news or what products they are aimed at since the drivers are not announced and you have to look a little in other web pages that are updated before the official website itself. Either way, version is already available on the official Intel website.

This is a version intended to correct some bugs such as crashes with Crysis Remastered, graphical errors with PGA tour 2K21, Doom Eternal (Vulkan) and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (DX12), crashes with Iris Xe Graphics and Red Dead Redemption 2 (Vulkan ), Civilization 6: Gathering Storm (DX12) benchmark and Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass (DX12). There are also improvements in the playback of YouTube content with the Chrome browser.

On the Intel website, it says that they are drivers for Windows 10 and for the integrated graphics of the 6th generation Intel Core or higher, or what is the same: Apollo Lake, Gemini Lake, Amber Lake, Whiskey Lake, Comet Lake and Lakefield.

Apart from this new version of drivers on Intel’s own website, we see that there is another separate novelty since October 31 and they are the specific drivers for its new dedicated DG1 cards: Launch driver for Intel Iris Xe Dedicated Graphics family ( Codename DG1).

As we do not have any of them but looking at the numbering we do not know if the newest ones also work with DG1 graphics or if we have to explicitly use them.