[Exclusive / Updated] Mac computers with ARM processors will not use RAM memory in modules or soldered

Industry sources have revealed to us that future MacBook and Mac computers to come will not use RAM in the traditional way, that is, they will not use DDR4 RAM modules in SO-DIMM slots or soldered on the motherboard, but that this memory will be integrated into the Apple Silicon processor itself customized by the company. In case you still want the clearest information: the RAM memory of these devices will not be external, but will be integrated into the silicon itself, thus eliminating numerous bottlenecks, which implies a marked improvement in performance.

This unified memory, according to our sources, would be practically as fast as an L3 cache, and this translates into a huge performance improvement, where we are told that even the x86 architecture will be outdated next to what Apple is preparing with its foray into the world of ARM laptops and desktops and its custom design after Intel did not allow them to design ” the computers we really wanted to make .”

The disadvantage, as always, that the memory capacity cannot be expanded and, as standard, we will have to buy the model that best suits us with the future in mind; As with the capacity on your mobile devices, since it is not expandable, you have to pay a bonus if you see that your storage is limited.

Obviously, this information falls under the category of leak/rumor, but our sources allege that they have received such information from sources close to Apple. We will have to wait to see if Apple has really decided to close the doors to Intel to really revolutionize the market. What’s more, in the silicon diagram itself offered by the company we can see the unified memory section.


More leaks indicate that the Apple Silicon will have specialized circuitry, giving us an example when there were PCs with normal GPUs and then 3D accelerators arrived; silicon would integrate HBM2 memory to reach 170 GB / s, 5 GB / s less than a current L3 cache; and that Apple’s movement would checkmate the entire industry if they don’t replicate their movements, since it is the most revolutionary thing that has been seen on a PC in 30 years to the point that people would be mistaken with their comments that it has nothing to do against Intel, specifically they tell us that it will ” destroy Intel “.


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