Early AMD Radeon Pro 5600M benchmarks reveal great gaming performance

We already have the first benchmarks of the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M, a graphics card focused on the professional field that comes exclusively for Apple and its 16-inch MacBook Pro. This chart is based on a Navi 12 silicon that uses the  RDNA 1.0 @ 7nm architecture with 2560 Stream Processors at a frequency of  1035 MHz, which gives a maximum theoretical performance in FP32 of 5.3 TFLOPs. This silicon is accompanied by  8 GB of HBM2  @ 1540 MHz memory which, together with a 2048-bit memory interface, gives us a bandwidth of  394 GB / s. All this is achieved with a very measured TDP of 50W.

The first benchmarks reveal the obvious, that it is around 50 percent faster than the Radeon Pro 5500M, but that it is not much slower than the graphics cards of desktops.

For example, it was 12.9 percent faster than the AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48 (Vega 10 Pro (GCN 5.0) with 3072 Stream Processors; 8GB HBM2 with unknown TDP) under benchmarking software Unigine Heaven (gaming), and even It outperformed an AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56 by 5.1 percent (Vega 10 XL (GCN 5.0) with 3584 Stream Processors; 8GB HBM2 and a 210W TDP ).

Outside the gaming section, in Geekbench 5 Metal, both desktop GPUs outperform the laptop, with the Vega 48 being 14.8 percent faster and the Vega 56 45.3 percent faster, which is little if we take into account the difference of TDP of 210W vs 50W in this last comparison.


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