China denies it is making a time machine, but …


China is not officially building a time machine. That an official state academy releases this statement already raises suspicions …

The old dream of traveling in time, that concept so typical of the human being. An unconscious recognition of our imperfection. We make mistakes, and our conscience asks us to correct them. But you can’t correct the mistakes of the past … or maybe you can? China will do so within 3 years. Or at least that says a powerpoint that these weeks has circulated on the Internet …

The bizarre story would have remained in another fake new on the Internet (yet another), if it did not come to be because even the very Chinese Academy of Sciences has had to deny that it is manufacturing a time machine.

The absurd plot began three weeks ago, when an alleged state document, in PowerPoint format, was leaked on Chinese social networks, where it was explained that the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with a company called Shanxi Ruitai Technology, they were developing a time machine. The document explains, in detail, the entire construction process and the theory behind:

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According to this PowerPoint, more than 30 million euros have been invested to buy a 16-acre piece of land and build a laboratory where to build ” a device that can distort time and space, control the flow of time, break the barrier of time. and space, and can be widely used for time travel, interstellar travel, life extension, etc. ”

The theory behind this device relies on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to create wormholes from which time could travel. The document is so convinced of its success that it even points to a profit of 838,000 million euros in concepts such as private time travel, interstellar travel, etc. And it goes even further: the first results would arrive in just three years.

What is told here is theoretically possible. The problem is that today it is just theory, science fiction. There is no technology to do this. Nor is it expected to exist for decades, if it ever does.

In addition, the document cites names of people involved in the project, such as ” the Nobel Prize in Physics Gao Kun “, who do not exist. But then, why has the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a statement denying that it is making a time machine if the PowerPoint falls by itself?

In the statement, the Academy assures that ” it is not true that our institute and the Shanxi Ruitai Technology company mentioned in the article Development Technology Co., Ltd. and its staff have had any contact or cooperation, and our firm will not assume any legal responsibility. for the losses caused by their false propaganda.

The mysterious thing is that the Shanxi Ruitai Technology company exists, it was founded in December last year by Guo Weiwei, a scientist who has been researching time travel for 13 years. And the PowerPoint document is also real: the company that created it claims that it is ” a misunderstanding “, and Shanxi Ruitai Technology has said that it has broken the contract it had with it.

Is there any truth behind all this? Or is it a simple publicity stunt by Shanxi Ruitai Technology to get noticed?

What seems certain is that China is not making a time machine … for now …

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