ARM Cortex CPUs will stop supporting 32-bit by 2022

ARM revealed its future plans, which go through marking the end of the 32-bit era to make the leap to native 64-bit in 2022. The company thus revealed its next high-performance cores, which are known for now as Matterhorn, which will be officially announced next year, 2021, and Makalu, which will debut in partnership in 2022, ushering in the 64-bit era in ARM.

This movement has taken a long time to arrive, and more if we take into account that the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system added support for 64-bit processors in 2014, while Google forced as of August 2019 that all applications that arrive at the Play Store could not be 32-bit exclusively, but should also support 64-bit. According to ARM, today 60 percent of applications support 64 bits  (those that are not outside the Play Store or on iOS).

Just like on PCs, ditching 32-bit support allows chip designers, software and application developers alike to focus exclusively on taking advantage of 64-bit.

While the first smartphones with Makalu processors will not arrive until early 2023, the company already reveals a 30 percent performance improvement over the Cortex-A78, one of the company’s current top-of-the-range cores that will bring to life the next flagship terminals in early 2021. Matterhon reveals a small performance leap, so it will be buffing the 5nm energy level.