Apple reveals the performance of its Apple A14 SoC @ 5nm, not as good as expected

During today’s event, Apple revealed new information about its Apple A14 Bionic processors, which will give life to the iPhone 12 and its new iPad Air, debuting the TSMC 5nm manufacturing process.

The company has revealed that this processor will finally arrive with a 6-core configuration for the CPU and 4-core graphics, and it seems that the performance improvement is much lower than expected, or at least that is what it tells us. Apple, since the performance comparison was made with the Apple A12 SoC instead of with the Apple A13 launched last year, and this already indicates that the comparison was not interesting.

In this way, the Apple A14 Bionic SoC will have a 40 percent faster CPU compared to the Apple A12, while in graphics performance this performance will be 30 percent. If we take the data from last year from Apple, we can say that the Apple A14 Bionic is 17% faster in CPU and 8% in GPU compared to the Apple A13, which is a very little performance improvement, but of course, the improvement in autonomy remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, this improvement in the battery is useless, since the company announced that its new iPad Air 4 promises to offer the same autonomy as its predecessor, 10 hours, yes, this new model uses a 28.6 Wh battery compared to the 30.8 Wh from the previous model, suggesting an energy saving of 8 percent. In the end, Apple continues in its line, reducing energy consumption to use a lighter and thinner battery and maintain the same autonomy instead of offering a product that offers more time of use.