Apple patents a trackpad compatible with Apple Pencil and with wireless charging

The Apple Magic Trackpad is a very popular accessory for Mac users, but it has been a long time without incorporating any great news. You may think that this is because there is not much to improve, but a recent Apple patent indicates that we have not seen everything yet.

This patent shows a Magic Keyboard and a MacBook to which a new and improved Magic Trackpad could be attached. 

This Magic Trackpad could be used to write or draw on it with the Apple Pencil, which could be an interesting functionality for designers and animators.

Furthermore, the patent describes that the Magic Trackpad could even offer wireless charging capabilities. This means that when not in use, users could use the Magic Trackpad to wirelessly charge devices like the iPhone or AirPods.


That said, a patent is no guarantee that it will become a real product, but it could certainly be quite interesting improvements.