An artificial intelligence fails: the camera programmed to follow the ball is confused with the bald referee

Implementing a technology that is not yet fully developed is a risk, as fans of a Scottish football team found when they wanted to watch a game.

There is some debate about the actual functionality that some technologies have. One of them is facial recognition, where we can usually find news about failures when identifying people, but there are other types of services. A good example was lived a few days ago when a soccer team replaced the cameras with an AI that would broadcast the game alone.

We have been able to see the implementation of drones, VAR or different kinds of new technologies in professional sports, a good area of ​​business due to the budgets it has. Having an AI direct the camera following the ball is something new , although, it seems, it still has a lot to improve.

Fans of the Scottish team Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC who wanted to follow the last game encountered a confusing broadcast: the camera was constantly focused on the linesman and not the play. The reason was that he mistook his head for the soccer ball.

According to the statement made by the soccer club, an AI was released in that match, the ” Pixellot system uses cameras with incorporated ball-tracking technology “, which also broadcast in HD. But it seems that the tests carried out had not been with any linesman, or player, who was bald.

During the game, many comments were made by fans who enjoyed it at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the reasons for using this technology. Most of them ended up being angry or mocking.

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To check the problems that the system had, you can watch this video that an amateur shared and that shows how the AI ​​that directs the camera ignores the play to focus again and again on the linesman .

Beyond how funny it may seem to some people, this failure shows that the technology was not sufficiently prepared to do the job for which it was purchased. Although it is likely that with some slight improvements he can follow the ball and not focus on other elements.