AMD would have already discontinued the Radeon RX 5700, RX 5600 and RX 5500

In just a week, AMD will begin to launch its new series of Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards to the market, which will compete directly against NVIDIA. As a result, new rumors suggest that the Red Team may have already discontinued the entire Radeon RX 5000 series, including the RX 5700, RX 5600 and RX 5500 .

If we stop to analyze this position of AMD, the truth that makes a lot of sense: Let us remember that the company has a serious problem of limitation of wafers, so it is logical that they prefer to prioritize them for their RX 6000 series , since the same is used 7nm manufacturing process.

In addition, AMD is making a strong bet this year with both its new Ryzen 5000 and Radeon RX 6000, creating a kind of ecosystem in which all its products work together offering greater performance. It is not a minor fact that AMD graphics cards even manage to surpass their NVIDIA peers.

That said, it is also shocking that the Radeon RX 5600 and 5500 will not reach a year of life. Obviously, AMD has not yet confirmed this rumor, since it had even denied it a month ago when they only talked about the RX 5700. However, we know well that it would not be the first time that the company denied something and then did it, as it was the case of the Radeon VII.

For its part, the cards that would also reach the end of their life are the AMD Radeon RX 500 and 400 , which are actually the same GPUs based on the 14 nm process for the most economical range on the market. If this news is confirmed, AMD needs to reveal its successors, after three years on sale with these series.

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If AMD confirms this, the Radeon RX 5600 and 5500 will not reach the year of life. All chips to the RX 6000?

Source: MyDrivers