AMD would be behind the ‘Nintendo Switch 2’ thanks to its RDNA architecture

According to the latest rumors, AMD will remain with the monopoly as the sole provider of graphics solutions for consoles, and it is indicated that Nvidia is not linked to the development of the second generation of the Nintendo portable console, the so-called ‘ Switch ‘. 2 ‘.

While Nintendo has never blamed Nvidia for any issues linked to the performance of the Tegra X1 silicon, the company would have shown its discontent with the premature vulnerabilities, forcing Nintendo to take action on the matter and spend a lot of energy and resources on blocking. any security hole to prevent massive hacking of your consoles.

As a most important detail, the association between Nvidia and ARM that has been weakening over time, and all these problems would be solved in one fell swoop with the existing association between AMD and Samsung.

Foreign media report that for Nintendo, Samsung’s new Exynos SoC, which features AMD graphics technology, will be an excellent option to bring to life a next-generation Nintendo Switch that would arrive with a Full HD panel.

This will benefit all three companies: Samsung will finally be able to mass-produce @ 7nm and do it for its own product; AMD will strengthen its market position on consoles and position itself as the only graphics solution available in the next generation of consoles; And Nintendo will have access to a very powerful and efficient SoC to give life to its new console, and it is that with one year to launch, the first Exynos SoC with an AMD RDNA GPU that triples the graphic performance of the Adreno 650 found in a Qualcomm 865.

via: MyDrivers 


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