The AMD Radeon RX 6000 will have hardware acceleration of the AV1 codec

After confirmation from Microsoft, we can already know that the imminent AMD graphics cards, the Radeon 6000 series, will incorporate support for content acceleration that uses the AV1 codec, also known as AOMedia Video 1.

In September 2015, the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) was announced with the aim of developing a new free video format (royalty-free) that would be an alternative to H.264 and HEVC, in 2017 they finally released the specifications of its new codec the AV1.

Behind this alliance there are the majority of relevant companies in the sector such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Nvidia, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Hulu or Apple. They claim that the AV1 codec is 50% more efficient than H.264 and 20% better than VP9. Currently many mobile devices support AV1, but in computers the definitive step was missing and with this movement it seems that it will finally begin to have relevance and a greater share of use.

Likewise, AMD is not relegated from the rest of the manufacturers of graphics chips for PC and is that the hardware acceleration of AV1 is supported by the Intel Xe graphics chips present in Tiger Lake and NVIDIA added support for it with the RTX 3000 series.

It is clear that there is still time for most computers to have support for this since most of the computers use integrated graphics, so it remains to be known if Intel Rocket Lake and the Ryzen 5000G APUs will incorporate support for it, but at least now we have dedicated cards in the car.