AMD and Google are TSMC’s first customers for its 3D SoIC

Nikkei Asia reports that TSMC has secured Google and AMD as the first major customers for its new 3D SoIC package technology. SoIC makes it possible to achieve higher performance and better energy efficiency by stacking and linking several different types of chips in one package. Mass production is expected to start in 2022.

Previously, chip packaging was handled by a variety of specialized players, but newer 3D packaging technologies require advanced chip manufacturing expertise as well as many computer simulations to achieve accurate stacking. The report says it is a tough nut to crack for traditional package providers.

However, with its SoIC technology, TSMC is poised to lock its premium customers into its chip packaging ecosystem, a chip packaging expert with knowledge of the developments told Nikkei Asia. This is because customers who need high-end chips are more willing to try the latest technologies.

“TSMC, of ​​course, is not trying to replace all traditional chip pack players, but its goal is to serve those premium customers at the top of the pyramid so that big money chip developers like Apple, Google , AMD and Nvidia don’t abandon TSMC for their competitors, ”the person said.