UK recommends telcos stock up on Huawei equipment just in case

The UK government has urged the country’s telecommunications operators to stock up on network equipment supplied by HUAWEI.

The reason is that they fear that the Chinese company will not be able to meet demand due to trade restrictions imposed by the United States. The latest changes in export laws prevent its chip provider, TSMC, from supplying any product for 5G network equipment or smartphones.

According to a Reuters report, the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) reportedly sent a letter to telecom operators, including the BT Group and Vodafone, advising them to maintain an adequate stock of supplies, with particular reference to the situation. current HUAWEI.

The letter also emphasizes the increased risk of using Huawei equipment due to uncertainty about the company’s future ability to provide updates for those products.

“Ensuring that products and components are kept up-to-date is essential to maintaining network security,” the letter said. «The escalation of US action against Huawei may affect its ability to provide updates for products that contain US technology. ”

An NCSC spokeswoman said: “The NCSC has provided operators with a number of precautionary measures that we recommend they take while carefully considering the impact that these sanctions have on UK networks.”

Huawei Vice President Victor Zhang said: “Our customers are our number one priority and we are working with them to ensure business continuity. We strongly oppose the US politically motivated actions. they are designed to harm our business and are not based on evidence. ”

Last month, we heard that the UK government is planning to phase out HUAWEI’s stake in the country’s 5G infrastructure by 2023.


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