TSMC would have received a large order for wafers from Intel earlier than expected

JP Morgan report reveals that TSMC has received a large order from Intel to supply it with 5nm wafers. This is not news, what is news is that this request has taken place much earlier than expected, which would indicate that the problems with 7nm are not yet solved and they are already looking for a definitive solution, which goes through have booked a large order for 5nm wafers to TSMC, but this order will be late for TSMC’s major customers.

It is indicated that this mass production for Intel will not occur until the first half of 2022, a very good date when you consider that it would advance Intel’s 5nm deadlines by up to a year.

“Due to outsourcing, TSMC will manufacture its processors for Intel using a 5nm manufacturing process six to twelve months earlier than expected,” said JP Morgan’s head of technology industry research.

The finance company said that there is still a chance that TSMC may end up manufacturing Intel Xe chipsets and GPUs using its 7nm and 6nm manufacturing processes before Intel’s 5nm chips begin production.

via: Moneyudn