Toshiba exits laptop market, sells to Sharp

Renew or die, and although in the past, many years ago, it was very common to find Toshiba laptops for sale or family and friends, the lack of innovation and the arrival of many competitors have made the Japanese company Rethink your presence in the consumer laptop market to the point of abandoning it. This decision has come despite the fact that in early 2019 its laptops began to be sold under its new brand Dynabook instead of Toshiba.

“Toshiba Corporation announces that it has transferred 19.9% ​​of the outstanding shares of Dynabook Inc. that it owned to Sharp Corporation. As a result of this transfer, Dynabook has become a subsidiary of Sharp.

Under the terms of a June 2018 share purchase agreement between Toshiba and Sharp, Toshiba transferred to Sharp 80.1% of the outstanding shares of Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd (hereinafter TCS), then the subsidiary wholly owned by Toshiba in the personal computer business. That transfer was closed in October 2018, and TCS changed its name to Dynabook in January 2019. On June 30, 2020, under the terms of the share purchase agreement, Sharp exercised a call option on the remaining shares outstanding. Dynabook held by Toshiba, and Toshiba has completed the procedures for its transfer. “

As an example, in PcComponentes, there are 66 Toshiba laptops for sale. At the moment of truth, they are not computers that are in high demand or that have great sales, since among these computers there are many with the 6th, 7th, and 8th Gen of Intel CPUs (we are going for the 10th). Really modern, from the 10th Generation, there are 11 laptops, and they are all now from a brand owned by Sharp.

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