Tom Holland Says Uncharted Movie Is Everything He Dreamed Of

The actor assures that the project is already filming

The Uncharted movie has had a complicated development and it is that at various times it has seemed that it will never come true. That said, it seems that lately things have improved and is that Tom Holland, the actor who will play Nathan Drake on the big screen, says that this film is going well and that it will be everything he dreamed of.

In a recent Instagram Live broadcast, Holland talked about several of his upcoming projects. One of them is the Uncharted movie, a project that is already filming and because of that, the actor has a huge bruise on one of his legs.

Most importantly, Holland revealed that filming for Uncharted is going well. He was also very happy with the work they are doing, ensuring that it is everything he dreamed it would be. Let’s hope the end result is satisfactory and that the fans have the same opinion as Holland.

“The filming is going very well. The movie is everything I dreamed it would be. I mean, I don’t know if you guys played the titles, but I was a huge fan of the game and everything turned out so well, “were the actor’s words.


We remind you that the Uncharted movie has had several problems in its development. Originally the project spent years in a development hell where it seemed like no progress was being made.

That said, little by little the plot and the script were concretized. It was from that point that problems with the directors began to arise and that is that 6 different creatives accepted the project and then abandoned it.

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That said, when it seemed that things were already going smoothly, the coronavirus pandemic arrived, forcing the project to be delayed. So if everything goes well, it is expected to arrive sometime in 2021, but nothing is certain.

And to you, what do you think of Holland’s statements? Are you excited for the premiere of the Uncharted movie? Tell us in the comments


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