The price of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is not yet known, but AMD will swim in money

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X lacks the most important and decisive detail, the price, and that is that neither of the two companies wants to take the first step since that means being at a disadvantage compared to its rival, which can adjust the price to win the first psychological battle of being the cheapest console of the two.

It really does not matter who wins the next generation of consoles, and that is because we already have a clear winner, and this is none other than AMD, the hardware provider of both consoles in the form of AMD Ryzen 8-core Zen2 @ processors @ 7nm with AMD RDNA 2.0 graphics with dedicated RayTracing hardware. While Sony, Microsoft, and the gamers themselves care a lot about the price of the console, AMD cares little about it.

As revealed by Mitch Steves, an analyst at RPBC Bank, despite the rising price of consoles, sales are expected to increase by a double-digit average, predicting that AMD’s revenue from its gaming division will not only rise during the second half of This year due to the sale of the hardware for the consoles, but the profit margin of the business linked to the consoles would finally exceed the initial expectations.

It is indicated that AMD will generate so much income with the consoles, that each share of the company will cost $ 66 compared to the current $ 54, and this would mean surpassing Intel, which is nearing $ 60 per share. In case you were wondering, Nvidia is its world of colors at a cost of $ 370 a share.

According to rumors, the PlayStation 5 could be around 499 euros, while the Xbox Series X has come to speak that it would cost up to 599 euros. Obviously, they are rumors and you have to wait for a leak from a very reliable source to really talk about the prices, or of course, the announcement in society by the companies. Although these are the final prices of both consoles, they are ” expensive ” if we look at them as mere consoles, but if we look at them as two high-performance Mini-PCs, the two consoles are very cheap for the hardware they offer.


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