Sony is paying more than Microsoft for exclusivity agreements

The Japanese company would be entering into many deals with very important companies

For console manufacturing companies, it is crucial to have the support of third-party developers to be successful. Definitive or temporary exclusivities with studies can provide a great advantage, as they help to establish the brand in the market and thus attract more consumers. Sony knows this very well and we have seen it in its strategy in recent years, in which it has made agreements with major developers and distributors. Apparently this practice is working for Sony and in the next generation of consoles, it will intensify it.

After stating that Sony is securing very important exclusive game deals, Kinda Funny Games member and industry insider Imran Khan returned to ResetEra to talk more about it. The most interesting thing that Kahn mentioned is that Sony’s strategy regarding exclusives will intensify to such a degree that the phrases “PlayStation Advantage” and “Console Exclusive” will be an essential part of the company’s strategy in the coming years. In addition to revealing that Sony has already approached large companies to get exclusives.

“There is no major outside [third party] company out there that Sony has failed to approach asking what kind of exclusive deals they can get. Some had content, some had games, some content, and games, ”Kahn said.


It is common that this topic of exclusivities generates a lot of controversy, because it is cross-platform content that somehow gets blocked for players on other platforms. It is believed that Sony is the only company that does this type of practice, but the truth is that none is strange to this and even Kahn says that Microsoft has also tried to get these deals, but has failed, since Sony is supposedly aggressively offering more money for these deals.

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“It is not that Microsoft is not willing to make an offer, only that they do not want to pay the price they ask because Sony approached with very high numbers from the beginning,” said Kahn.

In the current generation, you can see examples of this model of exclusivity. PlayStation has managed to achieve some important ones in relation to Call of Duty and one of the most recent involves Marvel’s Avengers, which will exclusively offer Spider-Man and much more content for PlayStation users. Apparently, Sony will further strengthen its relationship with Square Enix, as it is even rumored that Final Fantasy XVI will be a temporary exclusive to PlayStation 5.

Thus, everything seems to indicate that in the competition of the next generation of consoles, exclusivity agreements will be a key piece like never before.


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