REPORT: The Batman filming will continue without Robert Pattinson

Yesterday we told you that the production of The Batman occurred after a team member tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) . According to reports, the actor who contracted the disease is Robert Pattinson and it is now said that filming will continue without the British actor.

According to information from the Daily Mail , Robart Pattinson is already isolated and will remain so for 14 days as a precautionary measure. Meanwhile, Matt Reeves, director of The Batman , wants the film to progress as much as possible without its lead actor.

So, it seems that Reeves’ intention is to take advantage of the fact that he is in the Warner Bros. studio in Hertfordshire, England and get as much work done as possible. This will prevent the 2 weeks that Pattinson is isolated from being a waste of time for the entire team.

“Anything that can be recorded and doesn’t require Pattinson will go ahead. That includes scenes with her stunt double. The objective is to achieve as much as possible before he returns and to hope that none of the other actors will contract the virus, ”said the anonymous source of the English medium.

And you, what do you think about this decision? Do you think it is appropriate to continue filming The Batman ? Tell us in the comments.