PS4 Saved a Japanese High School Student’s Life From Kidnapping

PS4 is no longer just a game console, it has become a life-saving hero! A kidnapping case occurred in Japan. After a female high school student met a 44-year-old netizen, she was placed under house arrest at home and lost contact for a month. She wanted to ask for help, but her cell phone was confiscated. In the end, it was successfully rescued by using the PS4 in the suspect’s home to report to the police.

According to the NHK media, Yoko (pseudonym), a female high school student living in Saitama Prefecture, met on the Internet a Hiroto Hiroyasu who runs a company in Yokohama. After meeting in Tokyo in early July, the two sides returned to Hiroto’s home together. The dream unfolded. The suspect confiscated Yoko’s mobile phone and imprisoned him at home. He even tied the person to the iron pipe with steel wire in order to fear her escape. Yoko’s parents said that after sending their daughter to the station that day, there was no news. Although they called the police in time, there were no whereabouts.

Saitama Police Department = 3 Takasago, Urawa-ku, Saitama City

Until August 5, the Saitama prefectural police received a letter for help from Yoko, which read “I am tied up and cannot escape.” When the police saw this, they didn’t dare to go to the address and rescued the suspect. The suspect was arrested on the spot. Still under investigation. It is understood that Yoko did not have any communication tools at the time, but she was alert when the suspect was not at home, using the other party’s PS4 to enter the browser, searching the Saitama prefectural police website to report the case, and was finally rescued.