Phil Spencer acknowledges that Xbox Series X and S announcements weren’t scheduled for this week

It’s been a busy week for Microsoft and it seems that those were not the plans of the Redmond company. But leaks are a constant in the world of video games and have forced a change in the strategy related to the announcements that have made us finally feel the new generation closer: the price and the release date of Xbox Series X and Series S.

Microsoft was forced to confirm ahead of time, after a leak, the existence of Xbox Series S, although the week had been rumored for several weeks due to its name appearing on official Xbox peripherals. The console was confirmed and a few hours later a video with its specifications was leaked; and they had to do the same. Self Phil Spencer has confessed that he was not in the company plans to announce everything that has been made official Xbox Series, but they had scheduled for next week.

Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has confirmed on Twitter that the announcements were going to happen next week but “oh well.” The leaks of Xbox Series S have forced Microsoft to release all the information followed. Despite this, the manager is impatient for the launch of the two new consoles.

Both Xbox Series X and Series S will be available for pre-order starting September 22. Microsoft has launched a plan to finance them. The S Series announcement has been well appreciated by the community thanks to its affordable price.