Nvidia would pay $ 32bn to SoftBank to keep ARM

Last Friday, rumors emerged that already strongly indicated that we were within two weeks of Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM, and now the latest rumors from Japan indicate that SoftBank will sell Arm Ltd. to Nvidia at a price. of 32,000 million dollars, the same price it paid SoftBank four years ago. Although yes, for this price Nvidia will not have 100 percent of the company, since it is indicated that SoftBank will keep a part of its shares in ARM, hence the purchase cost is lower than the rumored sale price around the 42,000 – 44,000 million dollars.

Although the monetary amount would have already been agreed, what is now being negotiated between SoftBank and Nvidia is the number of shares that each company will manage, and even an exchange of shares is indicated where SoftBank would take an indeterminate number as part of the payment. of Nvidia shares, which are highly-priced. At the time of writing, each Nvidia share is worth $ 424.59. As an example, the value of the shares of its main competitors in x86: each share of AMD costs $ 77.43 and each share of Intel $ 47.73.

If the agreement is closed, Nvidia will experience great growth in the stock market, which is that it would stay with the world’s leading mobile architecture. This will not only allow you to fully enter the smartphone or tablet market, but also other expansion markets such as servers, data centers or consumer computers.

via: MyDrivers


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