NVIDIA acquires ARM for 40,000 million dollars

Finally and after a not so long wait based on rumors, NVIDIA has bought ARM for 40 billion dollars.

There were already several rumors that occurred last August and today it has become a reality. NVIDIA has acquired the giant ARM  after a few negotiations. Recall that ARM had been bought by Softbank back in 2016 for 32 billion dollars and that, at present, it was looking for a seller of it. Companies like TSMC and Foxconn were also interested, but finally, it was NVIDIA that has taken the lead.

ARM is a company that holds many patents worldwide in the manufacture of processors. For example, our smartphones have a processor with cores designed by ARM. Be it the processor of Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, or MediaTek, all of them have in common the design of the ARM cores that they incorporate and that will then be in charge of manufacturing semiconductor foundries such as TSMC, Global Foundries, Intel …

In this way, NVIDIA now has a foundation on which to start with its artificial intelligence. NVIDIA tells us in its news blog that AI is the most powerful technology of these times and that it has brought a new wave of computing. Thus, they hope that the sum of NVIDIA + ARM can offer a unique performance in terms of artificial intelligence development .


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