Nintendo Switch exceeds 61 million consoles sold in a quarter with huge benefits

The company has doubled its sales revenue, driven by Animal Crossing and the recovery of its console stock.

In a year of generational transition, and marked by quarantine on a global scale, Nintendo has been one of the most consistent companies in terms of sales, provided that the stock of Nintendo Switch has allowed it. And with the increased production they announced in April, their results couldn’t be better. The Big N has released the financial report for the first quarter of its fiscal year, with truly spectacular growth in both its revenues and profits.

During the period from April to June, Nintendo’s net sales amounted to 358.106 million yen in revenue (2,863M euros), which, compared to 172,111 million in 2019, represents a growth of 108.1%. Not content with doubling their sales, the net operating profit was 144,737 million yen (1,157M euros), which represents a growth of 427.7% year on year, and it is not a misprint. “During the first quarter, sales on the Nintendo Switch started strong, with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition reaching 1.32 million units, and Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics selling 1.03 million units,” the report details.

“The titles from previous fiscal years have continued their good sales, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons at the top of the list with sales of 10.63 million units, for a total of 22.40 million, ” the report indicates. “Sales of this title remain strong with no loss in momentum, contributing greatly to overall software sales growth.” The company points out that video game sales on its platform have generally grown, both it’s own and those of other publishers in the sector.

And also, as President Shuntaro Furukawa already commented a few months ago, they point out that the production of Nintendo Switch has recovered in the past quarter after the production problems caused by the coronavirus: ” COVID-19 caused some difficulties when it came to acquire the necessary components to make the Nintendo Switch consoles, but overall production is almost recovered. ” As a result of these two factors, hardware sales have been 5.68 million consoles, a growth of 166.6% year on year, and software sales have reached 50.43 million games during the period, an increase of 123% compared to the first quarter of last year.

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Also noteworthy is the increase in digital sales of Nintendo Switch, one of the sections that Nintendo is most suspicious of in general. And, although they have not given specific figures for titles and units, sales of exclusively digital games and content, as well as subscriptions for Nintendo Switch Online, have increased digital sales by 229.9%, to 101,000 million yen (807M euros). “Digital sales increased due to the good form of the downloadable versions of software for Nintendo Switch, as well as the popularity of The Island of Armor, released on June 17 as part of the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass., the first additional content in the Pokémon series “.

The mobile video game business has generated revenues of 13.2 billion yen (105M euros), with a growth of 32.7%, where the company indicated in July that it is an important sector for the growth of the company. In general, Nintendo’s figures have been the most positive during the previous quarter, Nintendo Switch has already reached 61.44 million consoles sold since its premiere, and the company’s forecasts point to 74.7 million for March 2021, which would place it on par with Nintendo 3DS in four years of life. The best-selling Nintendo Switch games to date have also been released., but, and for the rest of the year, we remind you that yesterday the new Pikmin 3 Deluxe was announced for Nintendo Switch.


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