Netflix will have a movie based on the game Beyond Good & Evil

Netflix has announced that it continues to make adaptations of video games for its platform, and the latest acquisition is the rights to the game Beyond Good & Evil, which will allow for feedback on the game and the film as happened with The Witcher, and that is that in, In this case, the second installment of the game, Beyond Good & Evil 2, is in development. Behind the film will be Detective Pikachu director Rob Letterman, and of course, the film is based on an ” epic adventure of space pirates .”

“The Netflix adaptation is in early development and writers are being sought to adapt the game.

Letterman got his start in animation and visual effects, making his feature film debut co-directing Shark Tale from DreamWorks Animation and then co-directing Monsters Vs. Aliens. He debuted in live-action with Gulliver’s Travels, the Jack Black comedy that leaned on his talents with special effects.

Goosebumps, who reunited him with Jack Black, turned out to be a sleeping hit that released a sequel, while Detective Pikachu generated over $ 433 million worldwide, while also playing hard with critics. “

Additionally, Netflix announced a new series of The Witcher a few days ago that will be called The Witcher: Blood Origin and that will tell us a story that places us 1,200 years before the arrival of Geralt from Rivia. Specifically, they will tell us the story of the first warlock when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged.

Additionally, we will also see content based on Cuphead, Splinter Cell, and even Dragon’s Dogma.

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