NASA Postpones Manned Landing Mission to the Moon, Artemis

NASA has recently admitted that it will be very difficult to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024 due to rising costs.

NASA has been working on Artemis, the manned landing project on the moon for 2024. NASA, which also continues its planning studies, made important statements today. In this part, NASA stated that it is not possible to land people on the Moon in 2024 due to the technologies that cannot reach and the increasing costs.

Apart from NASA, we see that this project, which includes institutions such as SpaceX, the European Space Agency, and the Japan Space Agency, was delayed for a while due to insufficient technology and financial difficulties.

As you know, NASA was originally planning to realize the Artemis project in 2028. However, in March 2019, the White House asked NASA to speed up the Moon mission. In this direction, the Space Agency changed the date of the Artemis program, which is determined as 2028, to 2024.

Stating that they needed a budget of 28 billion dollars for this project, NASA also stated that 3.2 billion dollars of this budget were allocated to the vehicle that will land on the Moon. The Space Agency also communicated to the US Senate that this budget should be provided within a year.

However, after the recent developments, the US Senate responded negatively to NASA’s request. In this part, the Senate said they could only meet $ 1 billion of the $ 3.2 billion budget.

This statement by the Senate also made NASA difficult. After this development, NASA made some statements and stated that they do not have the necessary budgets for the landing vehicle, one of the biggest parts of the program, and it is impossible for them to train this project until 2024.

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For now, it is not known exactly when the Artemis mission will be delayed. However, according to the latest reports, it is estimated that the program will be postponed to 2028.