All Wii hardware and software documents are leaked. Low blow to Nintendo

In just a few weeks we have witnessed more than one news of hacks related to Nintendo , be it the violation of more than 160 thousand Nintendo Switch accounts that led to the launch of an action plan by the company, or the one that is the subject of this text, regarding technologies used in several of its consoles .

Resetera user noted that leaks of old Nintendo technologies have been posted on 4chan , starting with debug ROMs and the source code for early Pokémon games .

The posts then took a leap to include more recent debugging ROMs, like the ones from the 3DS , and the most serious thing is that they are already including complete documents , design files and all the source code of Revolution, the platform that we eventually knew as Wii .

The user, identified as Atheerios, claims that all the files were obtained through a hack to one of BroadOn’s servers , a company that was hired by Nintendo to develop Wii hardware and software .

Thanks to these leaks, we have learned why Nintendo opted for Friend Codes instead of unique user names.

– With the Wii, Nintendo was concerned that people who signed up with screen names would become frustrated when they saw that other people had already used the name they wanted.

– Nintendo was concerned that this frustration could take away from Wii’s goal of being a simple and easy-to-play console.

– He was also concerned that people could guess other people’s screen names simply by trying different name combinations.

– For this reason, you decided to introduce this code-based function so that none were repeated.

The stolen documents include diagrams, datasheets, and Verilog (hardware description language) files, which in other words means that how each component of the Wii was crafted has been leaked.

That is not all, because the source codes of the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube were also leaked .

About the 64-bit console, a video is included that is presumed to be from a demo used by Nintendo to test the system . Veil:

Some network users have pointed out that this leak should not be a problem for Nintendo, since these are obsolete technologies .

And while it is true that at most the information could be used by some users to decipher how some classic Big N consoles were developed and perhaps to try to replicate the technology, it should not be overlooked that everything derives from a problem of security.


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