eSports in Peru in mourning, StarCraft legend dies

An unfortunate news shakes gaming in Peru, since an important figure due to his great participation in StarCraft has left us yesterday.

Jose Alberto Castro, participated in different tournaments at the national and international level, he was recognized for having participated in the WCG 2008, known by his nickname “CastrO” had just made a broadcast last Sunday, August 9, unfortunately he died the next day. Let’s remember one of his great participations, when he represented Peru in the WCG 2008.

The sad news of his departure was given by his friend Vilca Fredy, who from a post on Facebook would announce the details of his death. Also, in this publication, I know how many regret this news, including StarCraft communities in other countries.

Fénix, another StarCraft legend in our country, would join in the support by making a collection on streaming to help with the burial, as well as “Olipatrick” and “Uncle Ass”. the sum of these collections has given the figure of more than 11 thousand soles.