Destiny 2 Community Donates $ 800,000 Against Childhood Cancer, Unlocking Toaster

New details on the Beyond Light expansion have also been provided, among other things.

This week, the GCX 2020 solidarity marathon (Gaming Collective Expo) has accumulated almost 5 million dollars to donate in full to the Saint Jude Hospital for Children, a pediatric research and treatment center dedicated to the study of leukemia and other types of childhood cancer. Of that amount, $ 800,000 comes from the most charitable Destiny 2 players.

The Halo parents’ broadcast took place yesterday, June 18, doubling the donations from the previous year in a matter of half an hour. Players enjoyed bonuses like exclusive emblems, snippets of story readings by franchise celebrities, giveaways, and some weirder unlocks as well.

Upon reaching $ 777,777.77 donated — far more than the highest goal initially set — Bungie announced a new item for its official store, the Bungie Store: a toaster inspired by the Destiny universe… perhaps shaped like Jötunn, following requests from the community. “We do not have an estimated release date, but it is a promise that we will keep,” said CM dmg04 on Twitter.

On the other hand, during the broadcast, some details about Destiny 2 – Beyond Light, the expansion that will go on sale on September 22 to mark Year 4 of the successful loot shooter, were also revealed. Noticeably, we could see a piece of conceptual art, a new rifle legendary, and what is more interesting, the announcement that the barrel of exceptional hand Hawk Moon, one of the most beloved of D1 pieces will fall to accompany Hawthorn and Last Word.

You can follow the GCX schedule from the official website. The event will run throughout the weekend, and will likely far exceed the $ 5 million barrier in the coming days. Meanwhile, Bungie continues his solidarity efforts, this time with a new phase for his campaign for the Black Lives Matter movement.


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