A Falabella truck carrying several PlayStation 5s was attacked

The delivery of the PlayStation 5 in Chilean stores in Falabella have had to be delayed until December due to an assault

Little by little, the consoles of the ninth generation are reaching the countries of Latin America. As our region is to the north of the great centers of technological production and distribution, the arrival of new technology can be somewhat heavy. However, countries like Colombia, Chile and Mexico have increasing access to these devices. The point is that there is always the chance that there is an assault or that the world of crime will end up getting involved with consoles and technology. This has happened with the PlayStation 5 in the Chilean nation.

You see, Falabella had trouble delivering the PlayStation 5 to customers who already bought it. And a statement they have released on social networks reveals the reason behind the delay: the truck of the PlayStation distributor was robbed. Well, actually, the first thing that happened was that the distributor did not meet the agreed date. And the assault was what happened in the course of its delivery. In this way, everyone who bought the console will have to wait until December 15.

It is an unfortunate reality and those who did their presale are not very happy with the result. However, regarding the assault, there was not much Falabella could do to stop this. It is not the first time that there has been an assault related to video games. And it is not the first time that there has been an assault related to video games in our region.

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The best thing to do is to wait a bit before buying the PlayStation 5. The price of this is quite high and it has very few really flashy exclusives. The early years of a console are very slow.