They invent a device that detects hand gestures, goodbye to the console controls?


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The future is in the palm of our hand, and never better said … We are one step away from saying goodbye to keyboards, mice and console controls, all thanks to this invention that detects hand movements.

A group of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, have set out to make reality what we have seen so many times in science fiction movies. The truth is that they seem to have found the correct key since they have invented a device that is capable of detecting hand movements and sending that information to the relevant receiver.

This device uses artificial intelligence to get ahead and recognize the gesture that each person is going to make with their hand . Artificial intelligence software and biosensors work together to identify each movement based on the patterns of electrical signals from the forearm.

Explained like this, it may seem strange and even painful, but no. Biosensors are a kind of bracelet that goes around the forearm and captures the electrical signals that our brain sends to move the arm, finger, wrist whole, etc . They are processes that are carried out in microseconds and that this device is capable of capturing and even anticipating.

That this device is capable of getting ahead puts us in the situation of being able to say goodbye to many things, for example, the steering wheel in the autonomous car, the mouse, the control of a console , etc. We could even be writing this article without using the keyboard, directly with the device on our skin.

Not only would these examples be the main applications and utilities of mobile biosensors, but prostheses could be innovated to the point where people “got back” their leg, hand, finger, etc. Some time ago a prosthesis that was controlled by the brain was invented , but this new invention goes further.

It is a step forward in the interaction between humans and machines. And this can go further, since the interaction can be improved and reinforced if cameras are used , but in this case they have not done it to preserve the privacy of each user of the study.

The artificial intelligence is smart when learning. It’s not a bad joke, it’s reality. For the software of this device to know how to identify each gesture and anticipate it, it must have learned with dozens of volunteers.

The researchers taught the AI ​​to decipher up to 21 hand gestures including the clenched fist gesture, the thumbs up to say ok and the flat palm up.

The positive thing about this artificial intelligence software is that it uses a very advanced algorithm known as the hyperdimensional computing algorithm . In other words, this algorithm is capable of updating itself with new information.

Technology has reached a point where some stores in the United States have artificial intelligences that decide who can enter. These situations will be increasingly common in our day to day. How can they influence our lives? Is AI fair in valuing people?

In this way, the AI ​​is constantly updating its information library, thus, every time it will guess better the movements.

It is not a commercial product, let’s say it is still in the testing and development phase, but the team of researchers at the University of California comment that it could be for sale soon.


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